Before the Bridge is a short documentary film created by 72U, in association with 72andSunny and Hecho, with the mission to spread awareness about how automation will affect the future of humanity.


Director: Lewis Wilcox

Executive Producer: Maria Scileppi

Producer: Savannah Mark

Co-Producer: Gil Weinberg

Field Producers: Dana Angelo, Kalina Silverman

Editor: Lewis Wilcox

Production Company: Hecho

Music Supervisor: Brian Canning

Music By: Arthur King feat. Shimon the Robot

Title Design: David Carson

Color: Paul Byrne

Sound Editor: Jesse Herrera

Made by 72U Team: Dana Angelo, Kalina Silverman, Jessica Quattrini, Will Miao, DK Wright, Antonio Knoxx, Lewis Wilcox, Maria Scileppi, Savannah Mark


Country of Filming: USA

Language: English

Category: Short Documentary

Run Time: 17:51

Country of Production: USA